Making, Repairing & Caring for Dentures and Implant Overdentures

We offer the best value and optimum benefits for your money. Our dedication, expertise, experience, standards and treatments are second to none.  At the Auckland Denture Clinic we can take care of all of your denture requirements.  AND we are not just about dentures, we also provide implant overdentures too!

Our Services include:

  • Full Dentures
  • Immediate dentures
  • Partial Dentures (acrylic, metal & flexible)
  • Implant overdentures
  • Metal (chrome) Partial Dentures
  • Reline of existing dentures
  • Denture Repairs
  • Denture Cleaning

All to get you Personalised Natural looking Teeth


Remember, we love to go the extra mile with exceptional service, so we also offer:

  • FREE Confidential Consultation with no Obligation
  • FREE Quotes (personal, WINZ, ACC & Insurance)
  • FREE Aftercare
  • SAME DAY Repairs and Relines


Call us today on 09 625 6202 to make an appointment